Marilyn Monroe
BritneySpears<3<br />

Rawr Im fernando (B
Fercho over everything

The motto nigga <3<br />
Its your anniversary isn't it
And your man ain't acting right
So you packin’ your Domiar luggage up callin’ my cell phone, try and catch a flight
You know one thing straight, I’ll be there girl whenever you call me
When you at home that's your man, soon as you land you say that's all me
But shit ain't all g with him no more, you ain't entertained
Since I meet you a couple months ago you ain't been the same
Not sayin I’m the richest man alive but I’m in the game
As long as you keep it 100 Imma spend this change,

Well hello ^.^ Im fernando :D
Facebook name: Fernando Luna<3<br /> You know its all about YOLO<3<br /> ZEBRAS<333!<br /> _fernando_luna - instagram